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The icon of the T'au Empire.

An Ejection System provides a T'au Battlesuit pilot a chance of escaping catastrophic damage to his Battlesuit by throwing him clear of its imminent destruction. Once ejected, the Battlesuit pilot is armed with nothing more than a Pulse Pistol and has to make his own escape from the battlefield.

Often used by those T'au Commanders who lead from the front but are considered too valuable to the T'au Empire to die, Ejection Systems are a special-issue system only available to lone XV8 Crisis Battlesuit pilots (Monat) of the rank of Shas'vre or higher.

The current rarity of this system among deployed Fire Caste units means that its distribution is usually limited to only one per Hunter Cadre. It is of note that all XV46 Vanguard Void Battlesuits are also fitted with a variant of an Ejection System as standard, one that deploys an escape pod programmed to return the pilot back to the boarding craft which delivered him to the battlefield upon the Battlesuit’s destruction.


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