"By thy wounds, know thy worth."

— The eighty-eighth stanza of the Scriptures of Slaughter

The Eightscarred are a Khorne Daemonkin warband comprised of Chaos Space Marines, Chaos Cultists and Daemons that is utterly uncompromising in their violent faith.

The mortal members of this warband are unhinged fanatics who see themselves as Khorne's only true disciples.

Their zealotry is horrific in its intensity, driving them from one war zone to the next amid a never-ending tidal wave of gore. 

Warband History

Warband appearance of the The Eightscarred Khorne Daemonkin

While their achievements are many, the origins of the Eightscarred are largely shrouded in mystery. As a member of the Eightscarred, one must prove their worth in eight battles.

A Bloodthirster of the third rank named Gha'Kharax sits ever in judgement of his worshippers. If he approves of a warrior's efforts, then, at battle's end, he reaches through the veil to carve a livid scar in that warrior's flesh. One by one, these bloody wounds form the rune of Khorne, marking the warrior as worthy to fight alongside Gha'Kharax's cohort.

Should an aspirant ever fail to earn his scar, he will gladly fall upon his own roaring chainsword as an act of penance. The sheer zealotry of the Eightscarred draws many Khornate Berzerkers to their banner, for this level of fanaticism echoes their own.

Their devotion is such that they draw Gha'Kharax's followers through the veil with ease, and have fought in their demigod's shadow on many occasions.

Notable Campaigns

  • The Threefold War (784.M40) - On the planet Skardenfel, the White Scars' 3rd Company fight a guerilla war with a warhost of Craftworld Ulthwé. Into this conflict plunge the Khorne Daemonkin of the Eightscarred. Among the fireswamps, the Khorne worshippers slaughter with abandon, the warband bringing forth half of their chosen daemons in a single day.
  • All is Death (793.M41) - Like the fury of Khorne himself, the Wrath and the Eightscarred fall upon the T'au colony of Shau'Nesh. The aliens fight bravely, deploying incredible technologies to blast great furrows in the Khornate ranks. Still, the T'au are outnumbered and, despite their heroics, overrun. Crazed with battle-lust, the two Daemonkin hosts then fall upon one another, battling in frenzy until both are all but wiped out.
  • The Swallowed World (998.M41) - Gha'Kharax, Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury, leads the Eightscarred and Skullsworn against the Imperial Fortress World of Almarit. The Daemonkin face elements of the Imperial Fists and Raven Guard, reinforced by several regiments of Tempestus Scions. The war grinds on long and bloody, but one by one the Daemonkin reconsecrate the planet's furnace-temples in bloody ceremonies of ritual sacrifice. As the last shrine falls, Almarit is dragged whole into the Warp, claimed by Khorne as a new Daemon World.
  • Visions of Blood (999.M41) - Warmaster Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade bursts from the Eye of Terror and falls upon the Cadian Gate. At the same moment, all across the galaxy, Khorne's Daemonkin are stricken by bloody visions of carnage on a scale none have seen before. Compelled by their wrathful god, the Daemonkin turn as one and begin to carve a path toward the Cadian Gate. It seems likely that, while there is blood still to spill, neither side will be safe in the war to come. 

Notable Eightscarred

  • Chaos Lord Vorax - Vorax is the current ruling Chaos Lord of the Eightscarred warband.

Warband Appearence

Warband Colours

The Eightscarred warband uses predominately dark red power armour, with black knee plates and pauldrons (shoulder guards).

The elite warriors of the Eightscarred display the warband's rune on their left pauldron and their squad markings in various locations.

Warband Badge

This warband's badge is a combination of the eight-pointed Star of Chaos dominated by a Khornate rune, the Mark of Khorne, set in red on a field of black.


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