An Ectoplasma Cannon

The Ectoplasma Cannon is an ancient type of Plasma Weapon that is used by the Forces of Chaos. These weapons were once prized artefacts, dating back to the time before the Horus Heresy, but the Chaos Space Marine Warpsmiths and members of the Dark Mechanicus have perverted them into something far worse. The Ectoplasma Cannon is commonly found as the main weapon of the Forgefiend Daemon Engine, most notably their Cerberite variant, and also the Maulerfiend Daemon Engine. It is not recorded in Imperial records if any other Daemon Engines or Chaos vehicles make use of the Ectoplasma Cannon.

The weapon resembles a fanged, gargoyle-mouthed Plasma Cannon that channels raw daemonic energy from the Warp into searing, cometary blasts that make a noise like the howls of the damned. The baleful energies released are a hybrid of plasma and burning ectoplasm channelled straight from the Daemon Engine's tainted Warp-fuelled heart. Harnessing such energies can sometimes prove as dangerous to the wielder as to the target. Anything hit by an Ectoplasma Cannon is enveloped by screaming, tortured souls that dance in the flames.


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