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An Aeldari Eclipse-class Cruiser

The Craftworld Aeldari Eclipse-class Cruiser is arguably the most effective Attack Craft carrier in the entire Gothic Sector due to the immense speed and maneouverability that is common to all Aeldari spacecraft, including the Eclipse.

While most carriers must maintain a considerable distance from the foe, thus increasing the amount of time its fighters and bombers spend approaching their target, the Eclipse-class can deploy its Darkstar Fighters and Eagle Bombers, unleash a Pulsar Lance barrage while launching its attack craft and then retreat to safety.

Coupled with the incredible effectiveness of Aeldari Attack Craft, the Eclipse is an almost-perfect convoy raider and was the bane of many an Imperial commander during the Gothic War.

Notable Eclipse-class Cruisers

Eclipse-class Cruiser, dorsal view

  • Stardeath - The Stardeath was a particularly notorious raider throughout the Gothic Sector during the Gothic War, destroying at least fourteen Imperial convoys while accounting for the destruction of more than twenty-eight Imperial merchant ships and Imperial Navy warships. The Stardeath's reign of terror would ultimately end when it was destroyed after a lucky torpedo hit disabled its protective Holo Fields, allowing the Cobra-class Destroyers of the Skargul Patrol to eliminate it in the Graildark Nebula after a grueling three-day chase.
  • Silent Warrior - The Silent Warrior gained a great deal of notoriety in the Port Maw region of the Gothic Sector during the Walpurgis Attack. In that engagement, its piratical crew boarded and captured the Dauntless-class Light Cruiser Vigilant, which was on station to escort several Imperial Guard Penal Legion transports intended to reinforce the Imperial Guard forces fighting on Lethe. The piratical Eldar forced the Vigilant's captain to transmit an all-clear signal, leaving the now-undefended transports to be destroyed by the Silent Warrior's Eagle Bombers as they left the planet's atmosphere en route to their rendezvous.
  • Asuryan's Chosen - The Asuryan's Chosen earned renown for its actions during the Gothic War.
  • Eliarenath's Gift - The Eliarenath's Gift earned great renown for its successes during the Gothic War.


  • Hull: Approximately 4.7 kilometres long, 1.4 kilometres abeam at solar sail "wings"
  • Class: Eclipse-class Cruiser
  • Mass: Approximately 18 megatonnes
  • Crew: Unknown
  • Acceleration: 8 gravities maximum sustainable acceleration


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