The Ebon Knights was a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter of unknown origin and Founding. Virtually nothing is known about this reclusive Chapter other than that it participated in the notable campaign upon the Industrial World of Iriad IV, where it fought a brutal action against a warband of the World Eaters Traitor Legion. The battle against these Khornate Berserkers resulted in the mutual destruction of both forces and the corruption of the Ebon Knights' sole survivor in the conflict by the Blood God Khorne.

Chapter History

Notable Campaigns

  • The Red Dawn of Iriad IV (437.M35) - In 437.M35, the fortified Industrial World of Iriad IV was invaded by a tide of World Eaters Chaos Space Marines. Captain Revellion, of the Ebon Knights Chapter, led his men against his Traitor cousins in a bitterly fought war that saw the corpse count rise spectacularly quickly. The battle tore across the planet until less than a company of warriors remained on either side. While the World Eaters cared little that so many of their number had fallen, Captain Revellion was driven to desperation by the loss of so many of his men and muttered a prayer into the night. Hours later, covered head to toe in blood, Revellion strode out from the shadows with a dripping Chainsword in either hand. His men shouted in fierce joy as the last of the World Eaters fell, though their victory soon turned to ashes. Unstoppable, Captain Revellion hacked a swathe through the remaining Ebon Knights. The rampaging Astartes attacked anything that moved, including his own reflection. District after district of the world was depopulated as Revellion's pact with Khorne bore slow but terrible fruit. Iriad IV's remaining population was evacuated and the planet was declared Perditas by the Inquisition. Revellion's fate remains unknown.

Notable Ebon Knights

  • Captain Revellion - Sole survivor of the Battle of Iriad IV. Before the final action on the world, Captain Revellion made a pact with the Blood God Khorne. After defeating the last Traitor, Revellion went on to slaughter the remainder of his own Battle-Brothers and then every living being on Iriad IV. His ultimate fate remains unknown.

Chapter Appearance

Chapter Colours

The Ebon Knights' Chapter colours are not recorded in current Imperial records.

Chapter Badge

The Ebon Knights' Chapter badge is not recorded in current Imperial records.


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