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An Earth Caste Pilot Array is a Farsight Enclave-exclusive modification of the T'au XV104 Riptide Battlesuits intended to accommodate an Earth Caste member as its pilot.

Whilst the Earth Caste's squat and muscular physiology makes them ill-fitting pilots for the T'au Battlesuits they are famed for creating, in the Farsight Enclaves it is not unheard of for an Earth Caste Pilot Array to be fitted to a Riptide Battlesuit in order to grant rare individuals the honour of donning the "Hero's Mantle."

Earth Caste pilots are naturally able to judge a Battlesuit's accuracy and energy tolerances far better than a Fire Caste equivalent, and are able to activate an XV104's Dark Matter Nova Reactor with a greatly decreased chance of dangerous radiation feedback. However, an Earth Caste pilot's skill in close quarters combat nevertheless leaves much to be desired.


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