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A Craftworld Aeldari Eagle Bomber

The Eagle Bomber is a Craftworld Aeldari void bomber capable of operation in a vacuum. It is intended primarily for use in ship-to-ship actions to destroy enemy capital vessels.

The Eagle Bomber is outfitted with a modified Aeldari Holo-Field generator which distorts the visual image and sensor readings of the craft at close range to enemy starships and fighters.

The Eagle is armed with sonic charges so potent that when they detonate the shock wave can rip through the thickest of armoured hulls.

The Eagle is outfitted with a highly advanced targetting system that allows its pilot to make bombing runs on enemy capital ships with pinpoint accuracy.

When this capability is combined with the sheer difficulty enemy vessels have in targetting the Eagle, there is little doubt that this Aeldari craft represents one of the best bombers in the galaxy.

Ordo Xenos Departmento Analyticus Technical Specifications

The technical specifications of the Eagle Bomber remain unknown to the Ordo Xenos at this time.


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