Durell is a Daemon World found within the Hadex Anomaly of the Jericho Reach.


The Imperial Hive World of Durell was not the most pious of places before the coming of the Hadex Anomaly, and once Slaanesh got its sinewy fingers into the spire nobles of the world's hive cities, it was impossible for anyone to stop what was coming.

When the Anomaly first manifested, the first settlement that was affected was Hive Primus, the seat of the world's planetary government.

The hive city was transformed from a magnificent structure of stone and steel into one of flesh. Those that were unlucky enough to have habitation quarters on the outer edges found themselves being drawn into the walls.

Their bodies formed the mortar that would hold this new structure together. Their mouths were placed facing inwards, so that all could hear the moans of ecstasy and cries of agony that Slaanesh could bring to those that it favoured.

The upper spires became dens of decadence and excess. The middle hive is a gathering place where all can worship Slaanesh in any manner they choose. The hive itself has been transformed into a grand temple to the worship of Slaanesh.


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