Xv25 drone controller

An XV25 Stealthsuit's Drone Controller

A Drone Controller is an electronic device that is used by the Tau to control their robotic Tau Drones, as it acts as a hub of digital communications between the operator and any Drones that are nearby the user. Through this connection, it serves as an advanced interface between the operator and the artificial intelligence (AI) combat programs of the Drones, and is used to direct the Drones’ firepower far more efficiently and with a level of accuracy far greater than would otherwise be possible on the battlefield. A Drone Controller is a Tau technology most commonly employed by a variety of Tau units, whether it is in the form of a Support System for a Tau Battlesuit, or a hard-wired piece of wargear for Tau infantry or Battlesuit pilots of the rank of Shas'vre or higher.


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