Shining Spears 6th Ed

The Aspect Warriors of the Shining Spears in combat against Orks.

Drastanta, also known as the Tempest of Starlight, is the missing Phoenix Lord of the Shining Spears Aspect Warriors.


Drastanta was one of Asurmen's pupils at the Temple of Asur on the barren world of the same name, and as such is considered one of the Asurya. He was known to be ever over-proud and much given to needless lone battles.

When Asur was razed by the forces of Chaos, Drastanta came late to Asurmen's final stand and found his mentor already fallen before the foul might of the Keeper of Secrets N'Kari.

Keening with rage and sorrow, Drastanta slew the Greater Daemon, the energies of his Celestial Lance shattering the creature's vile spirit. Drastanta emerged from the fires of Asur where his mentor had not, but he soon vanished into the tumult of the war-torn galaxy.

In the centuries since his final recorded battle, the Celestial Lance has passed from shrine to shrine and Craftworld to Craftworld, the better to keep alive the tales and teachings of the Shining Spears.

If Drastanta is truly lost to the Aeldari, others will continue the fight in his name.


Not much is known of the lost Phoenix Lord Drastanta's panoply of war.

His Phoenix Armour was blue and white, and served as inspiration for the traditional heraldry of the Shining Spears Aspect Warriors.

Drastanta wielded the Celestial Lance, a crystal weapon of spirit-shattering power, and wore a prized dark azure helm known as the Crown of the Seventh Sky.


Drastanta's name appears to be derived from that of Setanta, a mythical Irish hero better known as Cú Chulainn.


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