The Dracaena was a voidship serving as the mobile mining platform and ore smelter of the Hadex Rogue Trader Dynasty.


Since the mutiny of the Hadex Fleet -- when the Rogue Trader Emanuel Hadex attempted to explore the Hadex Anomaly -- its current whereabouts are unknown to the masters of the Achilus Crusade.

However, near the end of the 41st Millennium, a Deathwatch Kill-team returned from a failed attempt to re-establish contact with Watch Fortress Midael, reporting an odd discovery upon a rogue moon adrift at the edges of the Hadex Anomaly.

Distributed evenly over the moon's surface, covering an area of some eight-square leagues, are the components of a dismantled mining ship laid out in meticulous order like cogs on a watchmaker's worktable.

More disturbing are the remains of some 15,000 crewmen arranged in neat rows, their organs beside them and configured like a chirurgeon's anatomical chart. The dead flesh shows no signs of decomposition and is moist to the touch.


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