The Doomfire Bomber is a bomber capable of both void and in-atmosphere operations used by the Forces of Chaos. It was used to particular effect by the Chaos warfleets of the Gothic War in the early 41st Millennium. Several squadrons of Doomfires were responsible for the destruction of the Imperial Overlord-class Battlecruiser Cypra Probatii during the Battle of Gethsemane in 151.M41.

The Doomfire is actually the code-name given to a multitude of similarly designed bombers. Those encountered in the Koronus Expanse tend to be faster than their Imperial foes, though they still pack a dangerous payload. The "Iniquity Pattern" of the Doomfire seems to exclusively use Melta Missiles, rather than the Starhawk's Plasma Bombs. This gives it greater targeting ability, but more Doomfires must focus fire to match the sheer damage dealt by a Starhawk bombing run. Some Rogue Traders have reported seeing a variant of the Doomfire retrofitted for carrying troops and supplies for ground assaults, though this version is uncommon. In this role, the Doomfire trades its Melta Missiles for space for 25 troops or equivalent cargo. Little else is known about this Chaos spacecraft at present.


  • Type: Bomber
  • Length: Unknown
  • Cruising Speed: 2,200 kilometres per hour
  • Crew: Pilot, Co-pilot, 3 Gun-slaves, Heretek
  • Carrying Capacity: 25 soldiers (Modified Doomfires only)


  • 1 Forward Co-pilot-operated Long-barrelled Lascannon
  • 3 Gun-slave-operated Heavy Autocannon Turrets

Ordo Malleus Departmento Analyticus Techncial Specifications

The technical specifications of the Doomfire bomber are not publicly available.


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