The quad-mounted Doom Mortars of the Doom Blaster Daemon Engine

The Doom Mortar is a Daemon Weapon of Chaos that is used in combat by the Doom Blaster Daemon Engine. The weapon takes the form of a massive archaic mortar cannon made of Warp-forged black iron and brass wholly dedicated to the service of the Blood God Khorne. Four Doom Mortars are employed by the Doom Blaster. The weapons are quad-mounted on top of the Daemon Engine.

When in combat the Doom Mortars of the Doom Blaster are able to lob a thunderous carpet of shrapnel-packed shells amongst the enemy targets, tossing troops and vehicles aside with their close packed barrages until there is nothing left but bleeding remnants to be crushed  beneath its heavy treads as the war machine advances.

It is not recorded in Imperial records if any other Chaos vehicles, daemonic in origin or otherwise, make use of the Doom Mortar. It is also unknown if the weapon is able to be used as a static mortar weapon like the Imperial Heavy Mortar Cannon.


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