The three classes of Imperial Knights currently in service. From left-to-right, the Armiger Pattern, the Questoris Pattern and the Dominus Pattern.

Dominus Pattern Knights, also called Dominus-class Knights, are the super-heavy Imperial Knights in use by the Knight houses of the Imperium of Man and the Adeptus Mechanicus. The Noble houses call upon the hulking Dominus-class Knights to form the core of their battle lines.

More bulky than those of the Questoris-class, these indomitable war engines boast dual plasma cores that -- while potentially volatile when badly damaged -- allow them to mount an intimidating array of heavy weaponry spread across two brachial couplings and three carapace mounts. Though typically fielded in smaller numbers than the Questoris Pattern Knights, Dominus Knights provide their comrades with potent fire support.

While the Standard Template Construct databases for some classes of Knight have been lost over the millennia, several remain in widespread use. Thus, while the mainstay of most Knight houses is the Questoris-class Knight chassis, heavy fire support is offered by the hulking Dominus-class engines, while scouting and raiding duties often fall to the lighter Armiger-class Knights.

Most Knight armies consist of a core of Questoris Knights deployed in formations of three to five known as "lances," supported by walking batteries of Dominus Knights and preceded by fleet-footed packs of Armigers. Though some houses are famed for their specialist types of lance, or predispositions towards specific classes of Knight, these standard tactics have brought the Nobles victory for many thousands of Terran years.

Types of Dominus Knights

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