An Aeldari Farseer sits meditating inside the Dome of Crystal Seers while her body begins to turn into crystal and take root.

The Dome of Crystal Seers is a location found within an Aeldari Craftworld's wraithbone core that serves as the centre of its Infinity Circuit. It is a place of calm and reverence, where the living come to pay homage to the deceased.

It is within the Dome that the contents of the Spirit Stones of deceased Asuryani Aeldari are added to the gestalt spiritual reality of the Infinity Circuit, and it is there that the Spiritseers commune with the deceased and entreat them to empower the Wraithguard and Wraithlord combat walkers when the need arises.

Farseers often meditate within the Dome of the Crystal Seers and attempt to divine the future, protected in body and mind by their many forebears within the Infinity Circuit and represented by the crystalline statues that are prevalent throughout the Dome.

When a Farseer reaches an extreme old age, his or her mind becomes more and more closely aligned with the Infinity Circuit and their bodies become dormant, slowly transmuting into an unknown form of psychically-resonant crystal.

When they ultimately die, their soul finally merges with the Infinity Circuit, casting off their crystalline shell and leaving it behind. These crystal statues, which are essentially the remains of past Farseers, are left undisturbed to adorn this sanctum, and it is from their presence that the name of the Dome is derived.


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