Tech-priest followers of The Divine Light of Sollex

The Divine Light of Sollex is one of several militant Adeptus Mechanicus factions within the Calixis Sector. Since the 8th century of the 41st Millennium this highly mystical tech-sect has been based at the forge facilities on the Death World of Haddrak in the northern rim of the Adrantis Nebula in the Drusus Marches, which has grown to prominence and increasing power. The sect has expanded beyond its world of origin, enjoying adherents among the Magi Militant of the Lathes and the Tech-priests assigned to the Imperial Navy's Battlefleet Calixis. The Sollex are a warlike sect who study the art of destruction and specialise in the occult mysteries of photon and laser, finding divine wisdom in a fractured spectrum of light. Aside from producing particularly powerful and advanced weapons and hololithic systems, the work of Sollex is reputed to have been put to more esoteric and hidden ends, and their secrets are well-guarded, even as compared to the rest of the Cult Mechanicus.

The Divine Light of Sollex are zealots in the Machine God’s cause, as coldly fanatic and savage in their way as any Redemptionist of the Imperial Creed. To them, the preservation of the arcane mysteries of the Machine Cult from those who would misuse them are of far greater worth than petty wealth, worldly power or the lives of their fellow men, or even other members of the Mechanicus. Towering figures of steel shrouded in blood-red robes and bedecked in mounted weaponry of arcane manufacture, these militant Tech-priests are war makers whose knowledge of the arts of siege craft, weaponry and devastation is without peer. Although few in number, they are baleful opponents to face in battle. Heavily augmented, they are relentless, implacable, and the most powerful among them are all but impossible to kill. They are held in no little fear and awe by other members of the Machine Cult, and have commonly subjected themselves to cybernetic reconstruction far beyond that pursued by Enginseers or Precepts. A Sollex Tech-priest may have been selected for Inquisitorial service owing to an above average experience in warfare, with arms or due to continued hostile contact with the alien. They often seem even more inhuman than their fellows of the Mechanicus, far more fanatical and militant in their adherence to the mystical dogma of the Cult Mechanicus, and utterly unforgiving of those who blaspheme against the Machine God.


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