Displacer Field is a teleportation device used as a form of personal defence by important Imperial agents such as Inquisitors and their chosen Acolytes. Unlike other forms of personal protection, a Displacer Field emitter is something of an unreliable technology, since it relies on the manipulation of the Warp for its function.

When an individual wearing a Displacer Field emitter is struck by a blow from a melee weapon or fire from a ranged weapon that carries sufficient force, the Displacer Field will activate and teleport the user through the Warp to another position in the local realspace that is out of harm's way.

However, the use of this device carries several risks. All teleportation technology is inherently dangerous, since it moves an individual through the Warp. Even the brief exposure of a few solar milliseconds can be dangerous if the local Warp is infested by daemons or other dangerous denizens of the Empyrean.

Second, for the Displacer Field to function properly, it must be set to automatically teleport its user, and that user will not be able to control the moment of teleportation or exactly where the device will teleport him or her.

Finally, the user will return to realspace moving at the exact same speed and in the same direction with the same momentum as when the field was activated. Depending upon where the user ends up, this can be extremely dangerous in itself.

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