The Dirk of Alphos was once the flagship of the Rogue Trader Emanuel Hadex, who had named it the Aletris.

Alongside the rest of the Hadex Fleet, this vessel was thought lost after attempting to explore the Hadex Anomaly in the Jericho Reach.


Unknown to the rank-and-file of the Achilus Crusade, the Aletris still plies the void. Indeed, the Oberon-class Battleship Messier Ascendant discovered the derelict Aletris in 779.M41.

Found drifting on the outer edge of a vast circle of similarly adrift and abandoned vessels orbiting the anomaly, her crew's final moments preserved in a vacuum-frozen tableaux of violence, the Aletris was nevertheless intact.

Lord Captain Emanuel Hadex was found barricaded within the bridge, seated upon his command throne, the red flicker of the Hadex Anomaly reflected in his frozen eyes.

Commandeered by Lord Militant Tiber Achilus shortly after its discovery, the Aletris was purged, refitted, and pressed into service as a blockade-runner. Re-christened the Dirk of Alphos to disguise its true origins, the ship bears a dark reputation.

Members of the crew report hearing snatches of foul poetry carried on the stale air, and Navigators claim the ship still feels the pull of the Warp rift.

Those who serve upon the Dirk of Alphos and possess some hint as to its true origin live in fear of the day the vessel slips from her Navigator's control and plunges headlong into the Hadex Anomaly of its own accord.


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