A Dirge Caster

A Dirge Caster is a large Sonic Weapon that can be mounted on Chaos vehicles. The device, or devices as several can be used at once, unleashes a non-stop litany of discordant sonic chaos and is classified by the Inquisition as a Sonic Weapon. The sounds are completely incomprehensible and disturbing to all who are not servants of the Dark Gods, yet the sound enthralls and absorbs the followers of Chaos, driving out any uncertainty or doubt in their purpose and faith in the Chaos Gods.

The device also emits terrifying screams, wails, and howls that can damage enemy morale and confuse them into madness. Dirge Casters are usually mounted on Chaos vehicles such as the Rhino, Vindicator, and Land Raider, and are not usually found in use on Daemon Engines, as the mere sight of a Daemon Engine on the battlefield is often enough to drive the enemies of the Ruinous Powers to fear and madness.

These devices cannot be used on a vehicle that is already outfitted with a Warp Amplifier, as they are nearly identical in purpose, yet the Warp Amplifier is many times more potent in its effects. Chaos vehicles and Daemon Engines that also make use of the Doom Siren usually have them mounted onto their chassis using a Dirge Caster system, as the devices carry out nearly the same function, though the Dirge Caster can amplify the volume and range of the Doom Siren.


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