Dire Avenger Exarch

An Exarch of the Dire Avengers Aspect Warriors

The Dire Avengers were the first amongst the Aspect Warriors of the Eldar. They represent the Eldar War God Khaine in his aspect as the noblest of warriors. They are merciless to their foes and unwavering in their devotion to their people.

Combat Doctrine

When in battle, Dire Avengers use their shuriken catapults to create an impenetrable storm of monomolecular blades. They have an uncanny knack of knowing when to follow this onslaught with a lightning-fast assault and when to carefully draw the enemy forward onto their blades. It is rare to find an Eldar force without a squad of these graceful warriors at its heart.

Phoenix Lord

The Exarch of the Dire Avenger can be equipped with a Diresword along with a Shuriken Pistol or a Shimmershield along with a Power Weapon for more melee strength. The Phoenix Lord of the Dire Avengers is Asurmen, the Hand of Asur. He was the first of the Phoenix Lords; it was he who founded all Aspects of the Eldar.


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