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General Dilen Belfry was a senior Imperial military commander who served under Warmaster Slaydo during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. He was heroically killed in action on the world of Ambold Eleven in 756.M41 during Operation Newfound.


During the planning stages of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, the strategically important world of Ambold Eleven had been proposed as an objective of the opening stages of the Imperial campaign into the Sabbat Worlds Sector. At the final hour before the Crusade was to commence, Slaydo overruled this scheme and instead decided that Ambold Eleven would be one of the primary objectives when the Crusade began the second phase, known as Operation Newfound, focusing its priorities on the liberation of the region known as the Newfound Trailing Group. Just before the initial phase of Operation Newfound took place, the Crusade trained its focus on liberating the towering hive cities of Ambold Eleven.

The assault on the Chaos-held planet began in the middle of 756.M41, as Admiral Karslae decimated the orbital fortresses and destroyed enemy shipping at both the high and low anchor orbital points, allowing for the Imperial Guard forces under the command of General Belfry to execute an overnight orbital drop into the enemy strongholds of Pelbury Civitas, Upper Ganff and Amboldus Hive. Between the days of 201 and 288 of 756.M41, the forces of the Archenemy drove back three waves of troop attacks. Though not well-supplied or equipped, the Imperial forces dug in and benefited from the sturdy concentric wall defences of Ambold's citadels. Approximately 9,500 Imperial Guardsmen were lost trying to breach the walls. General Belfry himself was killed in action during a mortar attack.


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