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Examples of Inquisitorial digital weapons built into rings.

Digital Weapons, or Digi-Weapons, ostensibly supplied by the Adeptus Mechanicus to the Imperium, owe their provenance to nimble xenos technosavants, known as the Jokaero. Though they are short ranged, they can be triggered to discharge potent laser blasts or jets of flame just as the enemy believes the wearer to be most vulnerable.

They are fitted into rings, bionic implants or the knuckles of a glove. They lack range, but can be used in melee to take an enemy unaware and cause great harm. The only drawback is that most of these small devices either take a while to recharge their power source or end up being a one-time-use weapon.


Digital weapons appear to be rings or other jewellery, but are actually powerful ranged weapons of either archeotech or of xenos origin. The most common of these (if common can be used to describe such wondrous items) are crafted by the brightly-haired, ape-like aliens known as the Jokaero. Their creations are so marvellously constructed that even Throne Agents of the Holy Ordos have been known to wear them.

These compact weapon can pack the punch of a full-sized weapon. Digi-versions of hand Flamers, Inferno Pistols, Laspistols and Needle Pistols are just some of the various weapon types that can be acquired. Sometimes, the types of digi-weapons that are desired can vary by the different regions of the galaxy. For example, within the Calixis Sector, two of the most popular types of digital weapons amongst the agents of the Calixian Conclave of the Inquisition are the digi-las weapons, and digital explosives.

Digi-las weapons are usually modelled in the form of rings, and can be used in close combat as a pistol. Digital explosives are made to look like a wide variety of jewellery, are armed by applying precise pressure to certain points, and then thrown. Of course, both have their drawbacks: digi-las weapons take considerable time to replenish their tiny power reserves, and digital explosives are strictly one use only, making them an expensive investment.

Notable Digital Weapons Users

  • Skitarii - Skitarii Vanguard/Ranger Alphas and Sicarian Infiltrator/Ruststalker Princeps use digital weapons.
  • Space Marines - Space Marine captains, Chaplains, Librarians, and Techmarines sometimes are outfitted with digital weapons.
  • Inquisition - Inquisitors and other high-ranking members of the Inquisition have been found with digital weapons. While many of the alien-hunting Ordo Xenos believe that all aliens should be killed, this is not true for all Ordo Xenos Inquisitors. Some believe that if an alien species does not wish the Imperium harm and does not move against Imperial interests then cooperating with them is not out of the question. Some aliens possess technology that far surpasses the Imperium's own, such as the elegant digital weapons made by the ape-like Jokaero, and trading for such technology may be to the Imperium's benefit. Bearing a weapon of alien manufacture is not a crime in itself, not at least for Inquisitors, Rogue Traders, and others of such rank. For the common citizen it is of course a crime, often punishable by death. Such items as digi-weapons are highly-prized amongst those who have need of such easily concealed "hold-out" weaponry, and they command a high price when offered for sale.

Notable Digital Weapons

  • Dead Man's Hand - The Dead Man's Hand is a gauntlet containing a set of built-in digital weapons that could be utilised in melee combat. It was once wielded by the former captain of the Blood Angels Space Marines' 3rd Company, Erasmus Tycho. Upon his death it became an important relic of the Chapter.
  • Gauntlet of the Forge - The Gauntlet of the Forge is a master-crafted gauntlet with a built-in Heavy Flamer that incorporates a set of digital weapons, whose molten rage none can endure. It is one of the nine Artefacts of Vulkan and is wielded by Vulkan He'stan who serves as the current Forgefather of the Salamanders Chapter.


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