Dieprian Mountain Men Trooper

An Astra Militarum trooper of the Dieprian Mountain Men regiments

The Dieprian Mountain Men are regiments of the Astra Militarum drawn from the world of Dieper III.

Dieper III is an extremely mountainous world and Dieprian Mountain Men regiments are specialists in alpine and other forms of mountainous warfare. There is little information on this regiment in current Imperial records.

Notable Dieprian Mountain Men

  • Lorenzo Cavalieri - Captain Lorenzo Cavalieri was a Dieprian company commander who led his troops in various conflicts on the world of Laidia against a warband of Chaos Space Marines.
  • Iuseppe Carrafiello - Carrafiello was a Dieprian sniper who killed a Chaos Lord with a shot to the head while he was slaughtering a squad of a dozen Imperial Guard privates.


The Dieprian regiments are based on Italy's elite Alpini Corps of mountain warfare specialists, established in 1876 and active during both World Wars.


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