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Chaos Desolator

Chaos Desolator-class Battleship side view

The Desolator-class Battleship is an ancient design of battleship that dates back to the very founding of the Imperium of Man in the 30th Millennium.

It utilises technology long lost to the Adeptus Mechanicus in the 41st Millennium. None of these formidable vessels now remain in Imperial service, and all now serve the forces of Chaos.

Several participated in the Gothic War early in the 41st Millennium as part of the Chaos warfleets.



Chaos Desolator-class Battleship dorsal view

The Desolator-class Battleship is a very old design indeed, dating back to the earliest days of the Great Crusade, and is equipped with technology that has now been lost to the Adeptus Mechanicus.

None now remain in Imperial service, but it is known that at least five Desolators defected from the Imperial Navy to the service of Chaos between the 31st and the 34th Millennia.

Of these, the Eternity of Pain, renamed by its traitorous captain, is perhaps the most infamous. In combat, the Desolator is a long-ranged fire support craft, carrying torpedoes, a long-range weapons battery turret, and equally long-ranged broadside Lances.

It has enough speed to keep enemy forces at arm's length while pounding them with impunity, and its torpedoes are actually quite effective at scattering any starships that get too close.

However, it lacks short-ranged punch, and must be accompanied by a squadron or two of escorts in case something does somehow manage to make it through the Desolator's fire.

Notable Desolator-class Battleships[]

  • Eternity of Pain - This vessel is arguably the most infamous Desolator-class Battleship to have turned from the Emperor's light. At least seven Imperial battleships are known to have fallen to its immensely powerful Lances and long-range gun decks since it turned Renegade in 453.M33. Countless smaller vessels are also no more, due to this potent behemoth of the stars.
  • Torment - Older than even the Eternity of Pain, the Torment was captured by Renegade pirates during the Spartan War, after its engines were destroyed and it drifted helplessly into a mined asteroid field. Seventy-eight standard years after its capture, the Torment was instrumental in obliterating the orbital defences of Ghori VI, prior to that planet's invasion by Aeldari Corsairs. The Torment has been spotted as far afield as the Ultima Segmentum and even participated in an attack on an Imperial convoy in the Jobe Sector on the northern rim of the galaxy.


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