Alatus Cadere - Winged Droplet

The badge of the Blood Angels Chapter.

A Deathstorm Strike Force is a special tactical formation of the Blood Angels Space Marine Chapter and its Successor Chapters intended specifically to combat massive infantry formations that far outnumber a given unit of Blood Angels.

Typically only formed by the Chapter when fighting enemy formations troops that vastly outnumber their own, the Blood Angels designed these strike forces with the primary goal of combating mass infantry formations. A Deathstorm Strike Force is tasked with halting the advance of an enemy by way of using heavy automatic weapons fire. This tactic has served the Chapter well in turning back hordes of Orks, Tyranid swarms and hosts of embodied daemons.

In such encounters, these irregular units of Blood Angels manage to hold back the large force of numbers with the sheer weight of firepower at their disposal. This firepower is usually supplied by a squadron of Baal Predators that are led by a Land Raider Crusader. This makeup allows Deathstorm Strike Forces to unleash a tremendous rate of fire that is so overwhelming that the vehicles' and Astartes' gun barrels are glowing white with heat as withering attacks leave none unscathed.

Entire squads of enemy troops are cut down by a single Assault Cannon, yet the firepower of a Deathstorm Strike Force is enough to shred entire battalions of the foe. Only the bravest will seek to overwhelm such a dedicated strike force of Blood Angels, and even then, the enemy must be prepared to take steep losses and heavy casualties.


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