Death Spinner2

A Death Spinner, primary weapon of the Warp Spiders Aspect Shrine

Warp Spiders Aspect Warriors

An Aeldari Warp Spider firing a spinner cloud from his DeathSpinner

A Death Spinner is the standard weapon used by the Aeldari Aspect Warriors known as the Warp Spiders. They are deadly weapons that use mono-filament threads to rip through a target's body. The Death Spinner is a part of a whole family of Aeldari weapons that use mono-filament technology. All these weapons, including the massive Doomweaver Cannon mounted on super-heavy Aeldari gravity tanks and the Harlequin's Kiss used by the Harlequins, work on the same principle: a liquid form of the psycho-reactive substance known as Wraithbone is kept in stasis within the weapon's magazine.

Once the weapon is activated, this substance will be forced by an electromagnetic propulsive field through an incredibly fine sift, and will solidify into a mass of threads, each one molecule thick, called mono-filaments which are razor sharp. This mass of threads, called a "spinner cloud," is then catapulted at the enemy with tremendous force. Being only one molecule in width, the filaments will have few difficulties in penetrating any armour through minute weaknesses in its molecular structure, and will wreak havoc on the body within, chopping it into a gory mess.

A target within the cloud is sliced apart as the wires' own tension causes it to writhe and lash, cutting through not only exposed flesh but also seeking out gaps in any armour, where it uncoils within and liquefies the victim's innards. Often, the only remains from a Death Spinner attack is a pile of gore, utterly unrecognisable as the living being it was only moments before the attack. Even foes wearing Power Armour can thus be reduced to tiny pieces when enmeshed within these clouds of razor-wire.


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