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The Ankh of the Triarch, ancient symbol of the Necron Empire

A Death Sphere is a devastating Necron anti-matter weapon of mass destruction carried by Night Shroud bombers. A potent relic of the ancient and apocalyptic conflict known as the War in Heaven, a Death Sphere is a self-enclosed containment vessel carrying an anti-matter warhead capable of wiping from existence anything it encounters.

Unlike the conventional bombing munitions of the younger starfaring species of the Milky Way Galaxy, the Death Spheres carried by a Night Shroud and its larger brethren are containment vessels that electromagnetically imprison the merest fragment of anti-matter.

They are kept out of phase with the rest of the material universe until the sphere detonates, unleashing a wide annihilating energy blast of pure gamma radiation that is capable of destroying virtually anything within its radius.

Anything lucky enough to survive the initial detonation is often left blinded and pinned; easy prey for advancing Necron forces that are soon to follow in the Night Shroud's wake.

The true marvel of Necron science is not merely the caging of such destructive forces, however, but their precise control and the safety of their use, for should a Death Sphere be broken by hostile action, its energy harmlessly dissipates out of phase with reality instead of detonating in a likely cataclysmic wave of force upon contacting any form of normal matter.


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