War World-Forbidden World

A Dead World.

A Dead World is an Imperial planetological classification applied to worlds which are utterly devoid of an ecosystem, atmosphere, or any form of native life, much like Terra's Moon, Luna.

A Dead World is, of course, not suitable for Human habitation without undergoing massive terraforming operations. While it is possible that the Imperium might establish scientific Research Stations on Dead Worlds, there is no other native population.

Many of these worlds have always been dead, but some were reduced to their barren state by external events such as the destruction of their preexisting civilisations in some form of global castrophe like a thermonuclear war, a Tyranid incursion or even an Exterminatus carried out by the Imperium itself.

Necrons often inhabit Dead Worlds, however, having chosen them millions of Terran years ago to become the Tomb Worlds upon which they went into hibernation until sentient life had repopulated the galaxy.

Notable Dead Worlds

Planet Name Segmentum Sector Sub-Sector System Population
Adrantis V Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown N/A
Barbarus Segmentum Tempestus Classified Classified Classified 0 (At Present, due to Exterminatus)
Belis Corona Segmentum Obscurus Belis Corona Belis Corona Belis Corona Unknown
Bellom Segmentum Ultima Jericho Reach Unknown Bellom System 0
Berien VI Ultima Segmentum Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Chemos Ultima Segmentum Unknown Unknown Chemos 500 Million (Formerly)/0 (Present, due to Exterminatus)
Colchis Segmentum Pacificus Classified Classified Colchis Unknown/0 (Present, due to Exterminatus)
Cthonia Segmentum Solar Classified Classified Cthonic 2 Billion (Formerly)/0 (Present, due to Exterminatus)
Cyrene Ultima Segmentum Korianis Aurelia Cyrene 4.2 Billion (Formerly)/ 0 (Present, due to Exterminatus)
Doton Ultima Segmentum Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Dunen II Ultima Segmentum Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
El'Phanor Segmentum Solar Unknown Unknown Unknown N/A
Evangel Ultima Segmentum Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Freya Segmentum Ultima Jericho Reach Orpheus Salient Freya System 0
Gath Rimmon Unknown Unknown Unknown Iopheus Secundus System Unknown
Grangold Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gryphonne IV Segmentum Tempestus Unknown Unknown Unknown 8.52 billion (formerly) / 0 (Present)
Heed Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Unknown Unknown Unknown
Holda Ultima Segmentum Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Istvaan III Segmentum Obscurus Unknown Unknown Isstvan System 12 billion (pre-Heresy) / 0 (Present)
Istvaan V Segmentum Obscurus Unknown Unknown Isstvan System None/0 (Present)
Klybo Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Unknown Unknown Unknown
Lethe Segmentum Obscurus Coronid Deeps Unknown Lethe System Unknown/0 (Present)
Naogeddon Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Obstiria Unknown Unknown Sanctus Reach Sanctus N/A
Olympia Ultima Segmentum Classified Classified Olympia Majoris Unknown/0 (Present, due to Exterminatus)
Prandium Ultima Segmentum Ultramar Unknown Unknown N/A
Prospero Ultima Segmentum Classified Classified Prospero Unknown (Formerly)/0 (Present, due to Exterminatus)
Stalinvast Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Truan IX Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Tanith Segmentum Pacificus Unknown Sabbat Worlds Unknown None (At Present) / Billions (Formerly)
Typhon Primaris Ultima Segmentum Korianis Aurelia Typhon 300,000 (Formerly) / 0 (Present, due to Exterminatus)
Tyran Eastern Fringe Unknown Unknown Unknown N/A
Valos Ultima Segmentum Unknown Unknown Unknown N/A
Zanatov's Harbour Segmentum Ultima Jericho Reach Orpheus Salient Unknown 0
Zhoros Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown


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