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"It is said, 'That which is eternal can forever lie, and, with the passing of the aeons, even death may die...'"

—Ancient Pre-Imperium Terran verse

The Dead Cabal are a secret and select group within the Inquisition that is concerned with the events of the Dark Pattern occuring within the Jericho Reach in the Ultima Segmentum.

They were created when the Deathwatch began the Long Watch in the Reach. At that time, only a handful of Inquisitors and Battle-Brothers were aware of the Pattern. As the lore was passed from one generation to the next, this cabal was created to continue their study.

This changed with the start of the Achilus Crusade, which led to a rise in isolated incidents, wild reports and unfounded rumours concerning activity on the worlds involving the Dark Pattern. As a result, the Dead Cabal's scholars are watching these events and attempting to put the information together.

Amongst their findings are the disappearance of twenty servitors at Vormos, a strange green glow amongst the skies of Castiel and the disappearance of an Explorator team on Sagacity.

In addition, they have noted the rise in activity amongst the Aeldari within the Jericho Reach, which is unusual as this xenos species had previously been limited to raiding pirates or lone wanderers. However, now the Aeldari are noted to be seeding the sector with their agents and taking an active involvement in developments.

Those Inquisitors within the Dead Cabal have attempted to extract information from captured agents of the Aeldari about their interest in the sector and their knowledge of the Pattern. This line of questioning has, however, been met with only stark horror. The fear these individuals experience is so great that they die before a psyker can recover their senses.

As a result, the Dead Cabal believe that some ancient force predating Humanity is stirring in the Jericho Reach that could prove to be more dangerous than both the T'au and Tyranids combined.

Notable Members


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