Dataslate:  Reclusiam Command Squad details the rules and background of a Reclusiam Command Squad so that it can be fielded in games of Warhammer 40,000. This Dataslate is a part of the Digital Advent Calendar 2013 series and is available in Mobi and ePub Format. It is compatible with Android, Kindle and iBooks devices.


Chaplains march to war at the head of Command Squads, their faith and righteous rhetoric exhorting their fellow battle-brothers to fight with the fury of the Emperor himself. These retinues are made up of veterans whose combat skills are mirrored by their tactical and strategic brilliance, each one having served his Chapter through decades of war and blood. It is a great honour for a battle-brother to be included in such a formation, fighting under the watchful gaze of the Chaplain as he does the Emperor’s work


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