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An Inquisitorial Data-slate

A data-slate is an electronic digital storage device similar to a tablet computer that is commonplace throughout the Imperium of Man.

Flat and rectangular, data-slates are widespread throughout Imperial space. Data-slates are the primary means of storing and reading printed text, picts, schematics and other media such as video or audio recordings.

They are cheap and easy to make, and many contain a single media recording, such as text, and can only play that single file. Others can re-record new information or transmit and receive data from other digital devices such as cogitators.

They are also sometimes used on various more advanced worlds and regions of the galaxy as the primary means of transmitting the local digital currency as payment for goods and services.

Since they are seen throughout the Imperium, most authorities would never think to closely examine what information was actually on a slate carried by a "loyal" citizen going about their daily business.


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