An ancient pict-capture of a Raven Guard Legion Darkwing in flight

The Darkwing Pattern Storm Eagle Assault Gunship, or simply the Darkwing, was a specialised variant of the Storm Eagle Assault Gunship that was used exclusively by the Raven Guard Legion during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.

The Darkwing was constructed on Kiavahr for the Raven Guard and the technology used in their fabrication was never shared with the greater Mechanicum, citing the higher sovereignty of the Legiones Astartes. With the outbreak of the Horus Heresy this particular disagreement was never resolved.


The Darkwing Pattern Storm Eagle is fitted with an array of highly advanced and barely understood technologies that date back to the Dark Age of Technology, before the coming of Old Night. While the tech-guilds of Kiavahr kept many secrets from the Mechanicum for use by their Raven Guard lords, by far the most efficacious to the Legion were those that could increase further the stealth characteristics of their war machines, in particular their armour and vehicles.

The Darkwing is fitted with a range of stealth enhancing technology, including rad-shrouded armour plating and quantum field repellors. The additional systems used by the craft required a higher degree of maintenance along with sacrificing some of the craft's internal hold space, reducing its troop-carrying capacity slightly. Given that the Darkwing pattern was often utilised to insert small units of elite warriors such as the Mor Deythan or Dark Fury Assault Squads deep into enemy-held territory, this was considered no great loss.


The Darkwing may be mostly used to transport elite Astartes infiltration units behind enemy lines but it still an assault gunship and is thus heavily armed for its task. The Darkwing, like the standard Storm Eagle, is equipped with forward nose-mounted twin-linked Heavy Bolters, and a dorsal hull-mounted Vengeance Launcher.

The Darkwing's Vengeance Launcher is loaded with specialised ammunition known as Eclipse Missiles, which are designed to sow confusion amongst the enemy with concussion and smoke. The Darkwing is also equipped with two sets of twin-linked Lascannons under its wings for engaging enemy armour or aircraft.

The vehicle can be upgraded with a searchlight that is used to illuminate enemy ground forces and extra armour plating for additional protection from enemy fire and are also commonly outfitted with an additional layer of ceramite plating, for added protection against enemy fire.

Unit Composition

  • 1 Raven Guard Darkwing-pattern Storm Eagle Gunship (31st Millennium Only)


A standard Raven Guard Darkwing Pattern Storm Eagle Gunship is armed and equipped with:

A Raven Guard Darkwing Pattern Storm Eagle Gunship may take the following vehicle equipment:

Adeptus Mechanicus Technical Specifications

Darkwing Pattern Storm Eagle Assault Gunship
Type Stealth Gunship/Assault Gunship Operational Ceiling N/A (Void Capable)
Vehicle Name Darkwing Max Speed 2,000 kilometres per hour (approx.)
Forge World of Origin Kiavahr Range 30,000 kilometres in atmosphere
Known Patterns Unknown Main Armament Hull-mounted Vengeance Launcher with Eclipse Missiles
Crew Unknown Secondary Armament Nose-Mounted twin-linked Heavy Bolters and two sets of Wing-mouted twin-linked Lascannons
Powerplant 2 Undesignated Combination Rocket/Afterburner Turbofans (Modified for Stealth) Main Ammunition 48 Missiles

68 tonnes (approx.)

Secondary Ammunition 2,000 Rounds
Length 18 metres Armour
Wingspan 11.8 metres Superstructure 45 millimetres
Height 7.2 metres Hull 55 millimetres
Transport Capacity 16 Space Marines or 8 Terminator Marines or Assault Marines Access Points

2 Side Doors, 1 Front Ramp, 1 Rear Ramp


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