"War is my master"

Dark Reapers Squad

A Squad of Dark Reapers

The Dark Reapers are the most menacing of the Eldar Aspect Warriors. They exemplify the Eldar War God Kaela Mensha Khaine in his aspect as the Destroyer, and their skull-masked costume echoes that of their founder and Phoenix Lord, the Harvester of Souls, Maugan Ra.

Combat Role

Maugan Ra

Maugan Ra, the Phoenix Lord of the Dark Reapers

The Dark Reapers' Aspect Armour is the colour of midnight, and incorporates a complex set of interlocking plates. Although the Dark Reapers are comparatively slow-moving compared to other Eldar warriors as a result, this is of little consequence, for their role on the battlefield is to serve as long-ranged fire support for the more mobile Eldar units. The Phoenix Lord of the Dark Reapers, Maugan Ra, teaches that the kiss of death can be delivered from afar. It is this credo that is central to the way of the Reaper. Their sacred weapon is the Reaper Launcher, a long-barrelled missile weapon that can create a blistering firestorm of small missiles with a single salvo. The small armour-piercing missiles the Reaper Launcher fires are powerful enough to take down all but the most heavily protected of foes.

The Dark Reapers pride themselves on their accuracy. Their skills are increased still further by powered limb supports that absorb the recoil of the Reaper launcher, advanced sensor vanes upon their helmets that can lock onto a fast-moving target, and mind-links that allow a Reaper to "see" from the muzzle of his weapon. Their superb aim enables them to dominate the battlefield, pinning down enemy forces and destroying their chosen targets at will.

Dark Reaper Exarchs

Dark Reaper Exarch

A Dark Reaper Exarch wielding a Tempest Launcher

Every Aspect Shrine of the Eldar is led by an Exarch, an Eldar who has been called permanently to the Path of the Warrior. This permanent acceptance of the warrior mask provides Exarchs with enhanced skill and dedication to their craft and entitles them to access their Shrine's oldest and most advanced wargear. As a result, an Exarch of the Dark Reapers wears a more potent form of Dark Reaper Aspect Armour and can wield a number of different special weapons, including an Eldar Missile Launcher, a Tempest Launcher and a Shuriken Cannon.

Phoenix Lord

The Phoenix Lord and founder of the Dark Reaper Warrior Aspect is Maugan Ra, the Harvester of Souls.


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