Dakinor is a gas giant within the Achilus Crusade's Canis Salient in the Jericho Reach. It is surrounded by an orbiting shell of asteroids caught in its vast gravity.

Classified as a Dead World by the Imperium, the planet itself is uninhabitable like all gas giants, but its asteroids are being fought over by the Astra Militarum and a host of fanatics following a global death cult of the Imperial Creed calling itself the "Gilded Torment."

The Torment has absorbed almost the whole population, and has daughter cults on many worlds of the Greyhell Front's warzone, which task their followers with joining the struggle on Dakinor.

The Gilded Torment's goal appears to be to cause and suffer violent death in the name of the God-Emperor, who is worshipped in such a debased and vile form that all followers of the Torment have been declared Excommunicate.

Few in the Astra Militarum have much doubt that the T'au have somehow created the Torment, an impression hardly reduced by the Kroot mercenaries appearing in the employ of the death cult.

Whatever the Gilded Torment really wants, the fight against the cult is a bitter and hateful one. The Astra Militarum mounts asteroid-hopping operations where each new planetoid is assaulted in lethal thin-atmosphere, low-gravity conditions.

The leaders of the Gilded Torment are unknown, but they must exist, and are actively hunted by Imperial intelligence officers across the warzone.


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