Blood Swords Badge

Badge of the Blood Swords Chapter

Daggan was a Venerable Dreadnought as well as the Chapter Master of the Blood Swords Space Marine Chapter. Unlike most Dreadnoughts, Daggan still retained a good memory of what he was before his internment within his cybernetic coffin and served the Chapter loyally as its leader. Daggan was noble, honourable and kept an even temperament as shown in his participation in the Blood Angels' conclave on Baal.


Most of Daggan's past life before he was entombed within the shell of a mighty Dreadnought, is unknown. At some point he was placed within the sarcophagus of Dreadnought armour due to severe injuries. It is believed that it was only after this setback that Daggan rose to the position of Chapter Master. Daggan was the first and only Space Marine already entombed in a Dreadnought to have served as the leader of his Chapter as identified in current Imperial records.

Conclave on Baal

Daggan attending the conclave on Baal as a representative for the Blood Swords Chapter. He played an important role in the debates which followed, including the time he stopped Mephiston and Gabriel SethChapter Master of the Flesh Tearers, from a confrontation by swiftly blocking the Blood Angel Librarian's path with his massive Dreadnought body. Daggan died during the Defence of Baal when he was ripped apart and drained of blood by a Blood Angels mutant during the Last Stand near the grave of Sanguinius in 999.M41. 


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