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A Daemon Behemoth, also called a Ruinstorm Daemon Behemoth, is a gargantuan Daemon of Chaos who emerged during the Horus Heresy from the galaxy-spanning Warp Storm known as the Ruinstorm.

Behemoths were often used by the daemonic legions as heavy support units similar to Imperial Titans to devastate enemy combat lines, assault Loyalist fortifications and other strong points, or take on Titan-grade combat walkers.


Vast beyond the comprehension of mortal warriors, titans of flailing tentacles and grinding teeth, the largest monstrosities of the Daemon hordes to emerge from the Ruinstorm were death incarnate.

The least blow from their talons could smash tanks and the tread of their feet crushed mere infantry like ants.

They were animate, Warp-born war engines fired by hate and pain which they unleashed upon the cowering warriors of the enemy.

The Daemon Behemoths were employed similar to Imperial Titans, and set against the strongest defences to force a breach for the daemonic horde that followed at their heels, serving as a focus for the heavy guns of the mortal armies that stood against them.

Only a concentrated barrage of heavy cannon fire would bring down such monstrosities during the battles of the Horus Heresy where they were deployed by the forces of Chaos.

Even then, the vile energies of the Warp stole any guarantee that their death would bring more than a temporary lull from the Behemoths' brutal wrath, for within the roiling tides of the Immaterium they would be reborn once more to bring ruin to the worlds of Mankind.

Unit Composition

  • 1 Daemon Behemoth


  • Gargantuan close combat weapons (claws, daemonic swords, axes, warhammers, horns, etc.)


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