A Cyclic Ion Raker

A Cyclic Ion Raker is a rapid-firing heavy T'au Ion Weapon designed for atomising large groups of infantry with a stream of high-impact ionic particles.

Cyclic Ion Rakers fire high-energy ion streams that vaporise flesh and metal with equal ease. These high-energy subatomic particles containing an electric charge are accelerated by an electromagnetic field and react explosively with the target as a result of the direct transfer of energy at the atomic level.

Cyclic Ion raker1

A Cyclic Ion Raker mounted on the arm of an XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit.

Like other Ion Weapons, a Cyclic Ion Raker can be overcharged by exposing the reactive Mor'tonium power source to the environment, though this also exposes the user to the dangerous ionising radiation emitted by the Mor'tonium, and to the risk of overloading the primary power cells.

Despite this, the devastating impact of the weapon's three barrels firing in swift succession to create a singularly potent blast is often worth the risk.

The Cyclic Ion Raker is based on Ion Weapon technology acquired as part of a fruitful alliance between the Syrr'Tok Brotherhood of the Demiurg and the Water Caste of the Dal'yth Sept, and is a recently introduced technology designed for use as a primary weapons system on XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuits.


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