Crucible of Malediction

A Drukhari Haemonculus activating a Crucible of Malediction

The Crucible of Malediction is a weapon used by the Drukhari to neutralise the psychic powers of enemy psykers, a necessary defence for a species that cannot risk ever developing its own powerful latent psychic abilities for fear of drawing the attention of Slaanesh, She Who Thirsts. This is a weapon much-favoured among Haemonculi who make use of essences extracted from their Craftworld kin.

Each Crucible appears to contain the trapped spirits of psykers of many species captured and tortured by the Drukhari in their Dark City of Commorragh. Once released, these spirits move across the battlefield and unleash a psychic cacophony that only other psykers can sense and that can drive them insane if their psychic defences prove too weak to survive the assault. The most powerful Crucibles of Malediction contain the trapped and tortured souls of Aeldari Seers.


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