The Crucible Resolviate is a cabal of magi within the Adeptus Mechanicus of the Jericho Reach devoted to the shadowed study of xenos machine spirits. The Omnissiah's Universal Laws condemn the alien mechanism's perversion.

Despite this warning, the Machine Cult's quest to recover knowledge and others' more pragmatic drives for new weapons against Humanity's foes can make it difficult to ignore the opportunity presented by alien technology when it falls into their hands. Organisations like the Crucible Resolviate are a logical corollary to this state of affairs.

Seldom spoken of and barely tolerated, this circle of Adeptus Mechanicus magi acquires an unusual number of captured alien devices through the Ordo Xenos and other channels better left unmentioned such as the Cold Trade.

Their Dioctal Sacellum sits on Vormos, surrounded by mysterious, Aquila-topped xenos monoliths that they have made pure through elaborate rites of consecration.

Deep within this sanctuary, they labour to remove the corruption from the alien machines brought to them, to isolate the knowledge trapped within and bring it into compliance with the Universal Laws.

Several items of technology, such as the EMP Grenade and masking screen have quietly made their way into circulation after being declared Technosanctus Verifidae by the Crucible.


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