Crucible-Omega is a supposed Hell-Forge and domain of the Dark Mechanicus, wholly dedicated to the Ruinous Powers. Long thought to be a myth, many Imperial savants now believe that such a realm does indeed exist, and that it could hold a valuable STC system on its surface.


It has long been posited that there existed a domain of the fallen Mechanicus beyond the boundaries of the Imperium and that it was a Forge World predating the Age of Strife which was never contacted during the Great Crusade. Various legends have surfaced of a world of crippled hell-smiths that prostrate themselves before a cyclopean machine altar, sending up venerations in sonorous binaric cant that echoes weirdly through the Empyrean and can be perceived by Imperial Warp-seers when the tides of the Sea of Souls is especially strong.

It has recently been learned by Inquisitorial agents that a Phaenonite cell and their unhallowed master believes Crucible-Omega is very real indeed and that the altar its population worships is in fact a functional Standard Template Construct system. The Inquisition has mobilised available assets to ascertain the current status of this group of adversaries and have recommended a convocation of an Inquisitorial Conclave at the earliest opportunity to debate the matter further. Crucible-Omega's current status is unknown.


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