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A Crone World is one of the original homeworlds first colonised by the Aeldari as they rose to power tens of thousands of standard years ago. The Crone Worlds formed the heart of the lost Aeldari Empire before they were consumed by the creation of the vast Warp rift called the Eye of Terror following the birth of the Chaos God Slaanesh.

The worlds are now known as "Crone Worlds" to the Aeldari after Morai-Heg, the Crone Goddess, who is also the Goddess of Fate. The entire region where the Crone Worlds were located was overtaken by the growth of the Eye of Terror, and the Aeldari Empire's homeworlds were consumed by Chaos and turned into nightmarish realities that now lie fully within the bounds of the Immaterium.

The Crone Worlds seem to be synonymous with the planets now designated as Daemon Worlds by the Imperium of Man. They are now domains of the Ruinous Powers and their servants along with many ancient Aeldari who have been trapped within the Warp since the Fall of the Aeldari. These trapped souls desperately yearn for the sweet release of death and the consumption of their soul by Slaanesh.

These worlds remain vitally important to the survival of the Aeldari as they are the only source for new Spirit Stones. However, journeys to the Crone Worlds constitute entering the most dangerous area of the galaxy, and many of the Craftworld Aeldari who go to the Crone Worlds seeking new Spirit Stones or other valuable artefacts of their people never return. Those that do are often so badly wounded in mind and spirit that they soon seek the solace of the Infinity Circuit.

Besides Spirit Stones, many other valuable artefacts of the ancient Aeldari civilisation survived the Fall of the Aeldari and still exist somewhere on the Crone Worlds for the taking, if any dare to claim them.

Notable Crone Worlds

Planet Name Segmentum Sector Sub-Sector System Population
Aktosha Segmentum Obscurus Eye of Terror Unknown Unknown Unknown
Arach-Cyn Segmentum Obscurus Gehennabyss Reaches Unknown Unknown Unknown
Belial IV Segmentum Obscurus Eye of Terror Unknown Unknown Unknown
Iydris Segmentum Obscurus Eye of Terror Unknown Unknown Unknown
Urum Segmentum Obscurus Eye of Terror Unknown Unknown Unknown
World of Immortal Sorrows Segmentum Obscurus Eye of Terror Unknown Unknown Unknown
Yllen Satari Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown


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