A Shadowseer's creidann hallucinogen grenade launcher

A Creidann Grenade Launcher is a specialised Eldar Grenade Launcher that hurls canisters of hallucinogenic gas through the air according to pre-programmed fire patterns. These Grenade Launchers are utilised exclusively by the Eldar Harlequins known as Shadowseers; enigmatic psychic masters of trickery and misdirection who use manipulations of the mind as their foremost weapon. In the Harlequins' performances, the Shadowseers play the role of Fate. As the narrators of the Dance Without End, their use of subtle psychic abilities coupled with the hallucinogenic Creidann Grenade Launchers upon their backs provide diverse illusions for their shows, enhancing the sensory experience. Blasts of multicoloured light, glowing swirls of blinding mist and white-hot illusory flame -- all are conjured forth with consummate showmanship. In battle, the Shadowseer uses his formidable psychic talent to magnify the effect, leaving enemy warriors disorientated, terrified and easy prey.


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