A Corvus Hammer

A Corvus Hammer is an archaic weapon commonly utilised by the warriors of the Dark Angels Space Marine Chapter's elite cadre known as the Ravenwing Black Knights. The Ravenwing Black Knights serve as the elite Inner Circle of that Chapter's 2nd Company, which is called the Ravenwing. On the Dark Angels' long-lost homeworld of Caliban, the thick forests made tall lances impractical, so the armoured knights of that Death World developed a unique military pick, which consisted of a hammerhead modified to provide additional power during impact. Its beak-like spike proved ideal for puncturing monster scales and armour alike.

The bike-mounted warriors of the Dark Angels Legion adopted this weapon design in the late 30th Millennium after the I Legion rediscovered its Primarch, Lion El'Jonson, on that world. To signify their exalted status within the Ravenwing, the Black Knights carry their Corvus Hammers, which are patterned after the ancient Calibanite weapon once used to hunt the Great Beasts of their former homeworld. The Black Knights' riding skills are supreme, and they can drive at top speed through almost any impediments to close on their foes. During this approach, the Plasma Talons of their Mark IV Raven Pattern Assault Bikes tear gaping holes in the enemy lines before they literally ride over their prey, cracking armour and sundering flesh with their Corvus Hammers as they go.


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