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Dark Eldar Corsair-class Escort

A Dark Eldar Corsair-class Escort, starboard view

The Drukhari Corsair-class Escort is the smaller of the two classes of spacecraft commonly used by Dark Eldar Raiders and pirates and exhibits just as much variation as their larger companion vessels, the Torture-class Cruisers. Whether they represent different actual classes or just different types of vessel of the same designation is difficult for the Adeptus Mechanicus to determine.

These Escort-sized spacecraft have never been positively identified beyond the Dark Eldar nomenclature of Corsair as translated from the Aeldari tongue into Low Gothic that could equally be applied to its piratical crew, a ship class, or even the given name of the first of the vessels encountered by the forces of the Imperial Navy. Like the larger Cruiser-sized Torture-class vessels, Drukhari Escorts have been known to make use of deceptive technological devices known as Mimic Engines.

Operating with devastating effect around the Imperial world of Naxmi and its cluster of mining moons, the Naxmi Pirates seemed to operate without the use of any kind of xenos deceptive technology, but still remained beyond the reach of the increasingly frequent Imperial patrols sent to defend against their constant raids.

Even the aliens themselves may have been unaware that this impunity actually came from operating inside the psychic blackout caused by the encroaching Tyranid Hive Fleet Leviathan's Shadow in the Warp. This was a reality that soon damned both the miners of Naxmi and the xenos slave-takers to gruesome deaths at the claws of the Great Devourer.

The Corsair-class Escort is also notable in that despite its relatively small and compact size, the vessel also possess the ability to launch a form of Drukhari Attack Craft -- a type of oversized Assault Boat known as the Impaler Assault Module. The use of such devices is unknown by the Escort vessels of the other intelligent starfaring species of the galaxy.


  • Hull - Varies; 1.2 kilometres long approx., approximately 0.1 kilometres abeam.
  • Class - Corsair-class Escort.
  • Mass - Approximately 4 megatonnes.
  • Crew - Unknown.
  • Acceleration - 9.5 gravities max sustainable acceleration. 


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