Coranin is a Daemon World found within the Hadex Anomaly of the Jericho Reach.


When the Hadex Anomaly appeared in realspace, Tzeentch, the Changer of Ways, claimed the Feral World of Coranin as its own.

The changes the will of the Chaos God wrought were subtle at first. Trees would sway when there was no wind, roads no longer had the same endpoint, and other such small differences.

The superstitious Human tribesmen of the planet turned to their mystics and soothsayers for answers, but the only responses they got were to accept the changes as a sign from their god.

Over a period of years, children born to the tribes were mutated. Some would have an extra limb, others would merely have eyelids that closed from the sides.

In an effort to appease their god who protected them from the angry red scar in the sky, the people of Coranin venerated these changed ones and made them the leaders of the tribe.

It was not until two full generations had passed did the tribes finally receive an obvious sign from their deity.

When a daemonic avatar of Tzeentch finally revealed itself to the people of Coranin, it did so with a flair for the dramatic. Shrubbery grew into a maze that followed the seemingly random steps of the daemon.

The leaves on every tree that the daemon passed fell from their branches and were replaced with perfect replicas made from unholy Warpfire. Rivers switched the direction that they flowed every time they were crossed.

It wasn't until the daemon reached the largest tribal settlement on the planet that the people truly understood what their god was capable of. The daemon looked upon its worshippers and pointed to a small boy.

This boy had escaped the corrupting touch of the Warp and was physically sound and unmarred. The boy strode up to the daemon and kneeled before it. The daemon placed a single claw-like hand upon the boy's head and said a few words in an unpronounceable language.

With a flash of violet fire, the boy was changed from a perfect Human specimen into a Horror of Tzeentch. From that day forward, the people of Coranin heaped offerings and prayers onto the avatar of their new master, the Changer of Ways.


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