A Conversion Field is a moderately powerful energy shield that surrounds the user who wears a Conversion Field emitter as a form of personal protection.

The field's effect is to convert the kinetic energy of an impact into harmless light. When the field stops a shot, a blinding flash of light is produced as the energetic conversion occurs.

The Conversion Field is normally used by important members of the Inquisition, Ecclesiarchy, Administratum or powerful Astra Militarum general officers as a last line of protection, particularly against assassination.

The most infamous person in Imperial history who made use of a Conversion Field was the mad Ecclesiarch and High Lord of the Administratum, Goge Vandire, who used a Conversion Field to trick the Daughters of the Emperor (now known as the Sisters of Battle) into believing that he was the embodiment of the Emperor's divine will.

Vandire ordered his bodyguards to shoot him, to prove he was blessed by the Emperor's holy protection and they reluctantly agreed.

Unknown to both the Daughters of the Emperor and the bodyguard was that Vandire was wearing a Conversion Field and the field absorbed the laser shots that might very well have stolen Vandire's life.

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