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A Contagion Plague Engine of Nurgle

The Contagion is a Plague Engine of the Lord of Decay, Nurgle. When a Chaos host gathers for war, the followers of Nurgle congregate together, performing depraved ceremonies for their diseased master. With the arrival of the daemons, the construction of massive engines of war begins. Overseen by the Nurgle acolytes, thousands of twisted and corrupted slaves toil to build the awesome machines of destruction that will spread the plague of Nurgle to a hundred worlds. Their festering altars are used to provide ammunition for the disgusting Contagion Plague Engines. And all throughout this frenzied activity the constant buzz of insects and the stench of rotting bodies permeates the air. When the war machines of Nurgle are ready, the pestilent Chaos army sets forth upon its dark crusade.


Built by the worshippers of Nurgle, Contagions are formidable plague engines that advance across the battlefield in rows, launching their pestilent ammunition at their enemies with a terrifying scream of plague catapults filling the air. The main weapon of the Contagion is the Plague Catapult, a huge armament which bombards the enemy with chunks of Chaos-saturated stone, clusters of decaying corpses and other disease-infested filth. When these vile bombs impact they spray ichor and infected debris across a wide area. The pestilential aura that surrounds the site of these bombardments fills the air with corruption and the malaise of Nurgle's Rot which quickly spreads across the battlefield. Those who survive the initial bombardment soon contract a variety of virulent diseases. Their wounds turn gangrenous and they die swiftly, wracked with pain.


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