Commander Shadowsun in an experimental XV22 Battlesuit flanked by a Tau Shield Drone and a Tau Command Link Drone


Commander Shadowsun (O'Shaserra)

Commander Shadowsun, known in the Tau Lexicon as O'Shaserra, was the commander of the Tau Fire Caste's military campaign that carried out the Tau Empire's Third Sphere Expansion. After the alleged betrayal of Commander Farsight (known as O'Shovah in the Tau Lexicon), the Tau Empire ruling Ethereal Aun'Va selected a more-steadfast replacement to conduct the Third Sphere Expansion of the Tau Empire. The great Ethereal selected Commander Shadowsun, also known as O'Shaserra, for this role.


O'Shaserra was already a well-known and respected warrior, having earned her command in the deserts and jungles of the K'resh Expansion, where the Greenskin menace in that sector was finally contained. Against the Tyranids, she led several devastating raids that disrupted the alien command and control structure so thoroughly that the Tau armada was able to scatter and destroy an entire splinter fleet without the loss of a single vessel. Under O'Shaserra's inspired leadership, the Tau Empire expanded significantly into its Third Sphere. With Imperial attention elsewhere, and the local Tyranid and Ork menace temporarily contained, Tau settlement colonies and Pioneer teams reached far and wide into the outlying systems of the Damocles Gulf, the Perdus Rift, and much farther afield in the Eastern Fringe of the galaxy. Although the encroachment on Imperial space was relatively minor, the Tau established no fewer than 5 Third Sphere colonies in a halo around their existing Sept worlds. With Commander Shadowsun at the head of their armies, the shadow of O'Shovah's actions seems to have finally been laid to rest by the Tau Empire, though her exact whereabouts still remain a mystery.


O'Shaserra differs from her predecessor in another way. Instead of using an XV8 Crisis Suit, she wears the newer but less heavily armored XV22 Battlesuit. In addition to this new armor, she also has two shield drones and a command-link drone at her disposal.


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