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Colonel "Death" Strike of the CLXXXIII Catachan Regiment

Colonel "Death" Strike is the famed commander of the CLXXXIII Regiment of Catachan Jungle Fighters. He earned his nickname whilst still only a squad Sergeant, fighting against insurgents on the forest world of Burlion VIII. The Colonel's enemies say that fighting against Strike and his men can mean only one thing -- certain death, indeed the Colonel himself statistically rivals a Deathstrike Missile in sheer lethality. During the events of the Pandorax Incursion, the Colonel and his men protected the world of Pandorax from the assault of the Black Legion and their allies. Led by Strike, the regiment successfully managed to survive against the forces of Chaos, using their renowned jungle and urban warfare skills to achieve victory.

The CLXXXIII Regiment was en route to the Maelstrom war zone when catastrophic engine failure on their transport craft resulted in a crash-landing on the Death World of Pythos, just before Abaddon the Despoiler's invasion began. The Dark Angels Chapter's Supreme Grand Master Azrael later announced that were it not for Colonel Strike, Pythos would have been completely overrun. This personal commendation from the Dark Angels Chapter cemented Colonel Strike's image as a hero of the Imperium

Strike and his regiment are still present on Pythos, which now receives a constant supply of fresh reinforcements from other Astra Militarum regiments. Whilst martial bonding practices are considered to be a positive, headstrong Guardsmen have attempted to arm-wrestle the Colonel on several occasions, resulting in the practice being banned due to the strain placed on medical staff (in less extreme cases) and a lack of cybernetic limb replacements (in more severe cases).