A Type II Corba Super-Heavy Grav Tank

The Cobra is an Aeldari super-heavy grav-tank that supports Aeldari heavy armour assaults. This huge vehicle carries heavy firepower, and is broadly comparable to Astra Militarum super-heavy tanks.

The Cobra is an Engine of Vaul, the name for an Aeldari super-heavy armoured vehicle, much like its counterpart, the Scorpion, but re-armed with a large Distortion Cannon (D-Cannon). This weapon is also known as a Warp Cannon or Vortex Cannon. There are two versions of the Cobra. Type I has a turret-mounted D-Cannon, while the Type II has a fixed, forward firing D-Cannon.

The Cobra is designed to find and destroy enemy war machines, as their protective force fields are little defence against the D-Cannon's heinous energies. As with all Aeldari vehicles, crew numbers are kept to a minimum. The dwindling civilisation of the Aeldari means they must rely upon sophisticated technology and the Wraithbone construction of their vehicles, freeing more warriors from crewman duties to fill the ranks of Guardian and Aspect Warriors squads.

Technical Information

Biel-Tan Cobra

A Type II Cobra Super-Heavy Grav-Tank of Craftworld Biel-Tan

The Cobra is built upon the same chassis and utilizes the same gravitic motors as found on the Scorpion, giving it similar speed, mobility and protective qualities, including the use of an Eldar Titan-grade Holo-field.

The number of crew of the vehicle is kept to a minimum (a pilot and gunner), so that more Aeldari can be freed up to perform other battlefield duties. The biggest difference between the Scorpion and Cobra is the Cobra's armament, a single massive hull-mounted Distortion Cannon, or "D-Cannon." A direct hit from the D-Cannon will tear apart whole sections of even the largest Titan, dragging machine and crew screaming into the nightmarish hell that is the Warp.

Even Void Shields provide no defensive barrier against this massive vortex weapon. The only consolation for enemies in the receiving end of this gun is that the D-Cannon does not have the same range as the Pulsars found on the Scorpion, and in comparison to its brother the Cobra loses some versatility in exchange for its firepower.

Besides their primary weapon, all Cobras also mount a backup secondary weapon, usually either a Bright Lance, Eldar Missile Launcher, Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon or Starcannon. Cobras can also upgraded to be equipped with Star Engines and/or Vectored Engines.

Ordo Xenos Departmento Analyticus Record

Technical Information
Length 18.43m
Height 6.8m
Wingspan 10.31m
Estimated Weight 70 tonnes
Barrel Length 10.31m
Armour 12-15mm material unknown
Combat Speed 60 kph
Estimated Max Speed 280 kph
Crew 1 driver, 1 gunner
Armament Distortion Cannon
Main Ammunition Estimated 1,000 shots. Unconfirmed.



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